During the summer (assuming we have one, the British weather being what it is) David and I like to get down to the coast. The beach at Fairlight Glen in Covehurst Bay (map) is our favorite spot. It is reached via a walk of about a mile along a farm track, the paths of Fairlight Glen which is a country park, and a steep and quite tricky scramble down the eroding cliff path. The erosion of the cliffs in the area contributes to the outstanding beauty, but due to the safety hazard has meant that the path to the beach is now officially closed. For those unwilling to tackle the path, the beach can still be reached by walking East along the beach from Hastings.

The beach has for some years been used by the local and not-so-local naturists, and for some time a sign was displayed warning visitors at the top of the cliff path. As the path is now closed the sign has gone, however the naturists remain and clothing is in practice optional on the beach.

The swimming is good, although the English channel is rarely 'warm', it makes a great way to cool off after sunbathing or walking along the beach. There are rocks along the shore line, so care must be taken, but there are a couple of places which are fairly clear at all states of the tide.

If you are interested in joining us one sunny day, then send us an email and we'll let you know when we are going. Of course, this tends to be something of a last minute thing.

A good spot to swim with some sand Most of the beach is shingle dotted with
rocks which make good wind breaks.
My favourite mer-man. The lovely David.